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grwn + Foundry

grwn diamonds are proudly crafted by one the world’s premier makers of lab-grown diamonds—The Diamond Foundry. Founded in 2012 by a team of M.I.T., Stanford, and Princeton engineers, The Diamond Foundry began as a foray into solar power, but quickly saw that using solar and chip technology could be used to end diamond mining and make man-made diamonds mainstream.

Today, The Diamond Foundry is arguably the top producer of created diamonds in the USA, offering the largest selection of diamond shapes online, being named one of Business Insider’s 21 Most Innovative Tech Startups, and even earning the trust, support, and investment of celebrity and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. 


”I'm proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc.—sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human & environmental toll of mining.“

—Leonardo DiCaprio


Delivering the Future of Diamonds

As the demand for more sustainability and transparency increases across every industry, we’re doing our part to make the environmental destruction and human exploitation associated with diamonds a thing of the past. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Foundry to offer the widest selection of premium lab-grown diamonds in America. 

Absolutely No Mining

Our diamonds are grown in certified labs in America's beautiful Pacific West, powered by the Columbia River for a diamond that’s not only beautiful and conflict-free, but also sustainable. The commitment to eradicating the human and environmental costs of mining diamonds means no conflicts are funded, no land or wildlife is displaced or harmed, no water is polluted, and no local communities are exploited.  

Zero Carbon Footprint

As the world’s first zero-carbon-footprint producer of diamonds—with the certification to prove it—Foundry’s diamonds are grown with 100% hydropower, meaning zero emissions and zero support of fossil fuels. Their advanced technology uses substantially less energy than industrial mining, and is 100% cleaner.

No Cartel Pricing

Unlike mined diamonds, in which the supply is regulated by an oligopoly using cartel pricing to artificially inflate prices, our diamonds are priced based on the market. Between the costs of mining, customs, shipping and other factors, mined diamond prices typically far exceed their actual cost. Grwn diamonds are not only superior in every way to natural diamonds, but cost a fraction of their price. 

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science

In every measurable way—optically, chemically, thermally, and physically—lab-grown diamonds are absolutely 100% real diamonds. We’re turning the page on an era of luxury acquired by means of humans and environmental suffering. Discover the beauty, brilliance and gleam without the guilt with Grwn diamonds by Foundry.