Science meets


  • Timeless

    Infuse your passion, creativity and imagination into a gem that's made to last forever.

  • Transparent

    We're empowering our clients through an unwavering commitment to transparency and a mission to making mined diamonds obsolete.

  • Innovative

    Through our "chemical vapor deposition" technique, we're surpassing the world's most renowned diamond producers in clarity, carat and color.

  • Guiltless

    All of our diamonds are lab-grown and fine metals are independently verified to guarantee conflict-free origins.

The Art Behind the

Exactly the same, yet complete exceptional—diamonds bring you an identical chemical composition & molecular structure as extracted diamond.

To create our luxurious world-class diamonds, it all starts with a diamond seed heated to 800 degrees within a sealed chamber. In a process called "chemical vapor composition", pure carbon gas is fed in and ionized into a plasma that breaks down the gas's molecular bonds.

The broken down carbon then adheres and crystalizes upon the diamond seed, forming a perfect replica with all the brilliance, clarity, and spectacular beauty you expect.

Extraordinary craftsmanship, grwn with you in mind.

Custom-grown diamonds form the foundation for a diamond of remarkable color, carat and clarity—with the cut and color left entirely to you.

Certified diamonds


Each and every grwn diamonds includes a certificate of authenticity, attesting to its origin in a highly controlled laboratory setting.

Made in America

Regulated & monitored to ensure the highest labor and environmental standards, our production facilities bring you unsurpassed quality & luxury you can feel good about.

Better for the planet

6 billion years of nature
in just 600 hours of
man-made ingenuity.

Every naturally extracted diamond comes at a hefty price—not just to you, but to your environment. For just 1 carat, 7300 liters of clean water are consumed, and 169kg of Earth0warming CO2 are pumped into the atmosphere.

Through cutting-edge science and technology, we're cutting down drastically, going through just 1 liter of water and 12kg for every lab-grown carat. It's time to make luxury more sustainable, and grwn is here to lead the way.

Step By Step

lab grwn diamonds also known as cultured diamonds, are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technology.

Step 1

It all begins using a thin sliver of natural diamond, which is placed within a plasma reactor. Next, various gasses are injected to replicate a diamond’s natural conditions.

Step 2

Under extreme pressure and heat, the atomized carbon disintegrates from the gasses and forms layers over the diamond seed—much in the same way that a mollusk layers minerals over a grain of sand to create a pearl.

Step 3

The result is a pure, certified type 2A diamond—the purest certification a diamond can be. At this point, the original natural diamond sliver can be sliced off and reused to seed more cultured diamonds.

Step 4

Once a Mirai diamond is fully formed, it is cut and polished the traditional way—by expert craftsmen, using traditional tools to create a final one-of-a-kind stone of unmatched brilliance and perfection. Moreover, all diamonds are crafted in a hydro-powered foundry to bring you a diamond that’s not only exceptionally beautiful, but ethically and sustainably made.

A Shared Responsibility

A Human Experience

We're breaking the cycle of forced & unfair labor practices by creating human-minded opportunities for our partners around the world.

A Home for All of Us

Preserving our planet is a responsibility we all share. We're committed to cutting down on waste & pollution for clients who are committed to luxury with conscience.