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Grown in the USA

Grown in the USA

Do you know your lab grown diamonds origins?-

As lab grown diamonds are gaining popularity and momentum in the diamond industry, it is important to note how the origins of your diamond affect more than just the quality of the stone. Lab Diamonds are considered to be ethical and environmentally friendly natural diamond alternative but depending on the origin of your stone that is not always the case.

Lab diamonds are an example of innovation and responsibility. To give you a bit of background information there are two methods used for growing these precious gems in a lab: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

High Pressure High Temperature: HPHT, a technique perfected by India and China, has long been the standard in the lab-grown diamond market. However, its environmental impact remains a topic of debate, prompting a shift towards more sustainable practices. HPHT technique also bring about concern of diamond quality.

Chemical Vapor Deposition: CVD, the alternative technique preferred by USA manufactures produces diamonds from a single seed. These diamonds are not only eco-friendly and certified but are also free from the influence of diamond cartels. CVD technology is know across the industry to produce much higher quality diamonds than that of HPHT techniques.

Navigating the environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds requires a nuanced understanding of the industry's reliance on energy sources and the consequent carbon footprint. China is the world leading producer of lab-grown diamonds manufacturing over 40% of the world’s man made stones. The lab grown manufacturing in China is problematic being as they source 55% of its power from coal and only 20% from renewable hydro sources. Another major player in the lab grown diamond industry is India, who’s 75% of grid power comes from coal and only 10% from hydropower. The industry’s leader, IIA Technologies, located in Singapore uses little renewable energy at all.

The amount of power required to create a diamond in a lab, if not done in a regulated fashion can lead to a significant output of carbon pollution. The greenhouse gas emissions of these labs from China and India are estimated to be three times greater than those of their mined counterparts. In these labs abroad, there continues to be a lack of transparency around the claims of sustainability. With so much not analyzed or understood with the lab grow diamond industry in China and India there is one action we can take to ensure that our purchase of a diamond does not add to the harm to our environment but ultimately supports the growth of our nations economy and stands behind the standards we believe in- which is buying a stone that is certified “Grown in the USA”.

Why “GROWN IN THE USA” Certification Matters

Each CVD diamond grown by our factory proudly bears a 'Made in USA' label—a symbol of excellence and authenticity. This label is not just a mark of quality; it's a testament to the diamond's distinct character, backed by an International Gemological Institute (IGI) certificate that assures its origin and superior craftsmanship. 

How does a diamond receive the “Grown In the USA" Certification? 

Receiving “Made in the USA” recognition and certification is only given through the IGI, the worlds grading authority for Lab Grown Diamonds. In order for a stone to be eligible to receive this certification first off, the factory must adhere to stringent rules and regulations. The most important aspect that a diamond must possess in order to be certified “Made in America” is for the stone to be able to be traced from rough too polished. This means, that the rough particle of diamond used to manufacture the lab grown has a serial number that is traced and recorded through each stage of the process.

Why opt for a Made in the USA stone?

From the stones brilliance to the greener practices, there are many reasons to consider shopping only US made lab grown diamonds. Diamonds produced in the USA are known for their superior quality control, rigorous processes, and strict environmental standards that ensure each diamond is not only higher quality but also produced in a cleaner more sustainable manner.

Quality: American lab grown diamond factories are held to the highest standards to ensure the highest quality stones. Due to the extremely controlled and regulated procedures that the grwn factory employs, our lab grown diamonds are known to be of higher-quality with fewer imperfections than those made abroad.

Environmental Standards: The environmental regulations and practices in the USA tend to be more stringent compared to some other countries like China or India. Buying diamonds produced in the USA offers assurance that they were created using cleaner, more sustainable methods.

Known Origins: Due to the traceability of our stones from the serial number on the rough to the polished product, grwn is one of the only companies that receives IGI MADE IN AMERICA certification on our stones. The IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificate provides assurance regarding the origin of the diamond. This is something India and China manufacturers lack.

Supporting the Economy: Your choice to purchase a made in America lab grown diamond not only promises the highest quality but also gives back to your country. Shopping American made helps our economy by sustaining employment while encouraging the growth and innovation of American made brands across all industries.

Ethical Sourcing: American diamonds ensure greater transparency in labor practices and sourcing, supporting ethical standards in the industry. These standards are not only for the diamonds but also for the gold and other materials used in creating your fine jewelry. It is important to note that at grwn Diamonds we ethically source ALL material used in our jewelry.

Perceived Value: Diamonds made in the USA are often seen as more prestigious due to their quality and craftsmanship. Due to the over production of lab grown diamonds seen in countries like India and China the stones have begun to lose value. It is a guarantee that lab grown diamonds “Made in the USA” will only be produced based on the supply demand leading to a stability in the value of your stone.

Opting for lab-grown diamonds, especially those crafted through the innovative CVD method in the USA, represents a wise and ethical choice for the discerning consumer. These diamonds are not just symbols of love and beauty but also beacons of progress and responsibility. By choosing American-made lab-grown diamonds, you embrace a future where luxury aligns with sustainability and ethical practices. You support an industry that prioritizes stringent quality controls, environmental stewardship, and ethical labor practices, while also contributing to the local economy. A lab-grown diamond from the USA is more than a gem—it's a commitment to a brighter, more responsible future in the world of fine jewelry.

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